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August 22, 2019 · 6:01 pm

Advection of the Self

Your words transport my mind

Margaret J

Yesterday the fog rolled in before nightfall. People had told me about the fog of San Francisco, I was warned of walking through a rain that never falls only clings to the hairs that pass through it. I told them I was excited, that fog has always fascinated me. You can be among the clouds without the altitude sickness. An element of mystery that encouraged my Boxcar Children soaked mind to look for hidden secrets and fae folk around every corner. The fog in my hometown is like the cotton clouds on a child’s diorama, stretched thin and patchy. Here, it is a living thing, a solid mass of opaque air.

There is nothing so quiet as when you are wrapped in droplets. Cocooned in vapors like damp cotton, not even a breeze to move the air against the hammers of your ear. Nothing so lonely either. Nothing so freeing…

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How Should I Spend My Time

How much time is too much time to spend on things that concern me yet I do very little time making a difference?

News, fake or fake-fake, is in my face and ear making me cringe with frustration and worry.  Left or right or right or left back and forth the arguments and noise fill my head.  Here is the rub.  I do very little with that noise.  Complaining is far too easy and common.  Clearly it is not just me doing the complaining it is pervasive.  The challenges of the entire world are also brought to us in ways that make it obvious there are things that need fixing just about  anywhere we look or listen.

So, now what?  For me and maybe for you we simply should be aware of what is wrong and do what we can and support those that are working on taking care of things we aren’t taking care of.  Avoid meaningless debate and avoid useless judging for it does no good.  Informed discussion can and should be part of our regular discourse, but be cautious.

What I need to do and dare I say, you need to do also, is make your life a good life.  Take care of you and take care of yours.   Then you can tackle issues and causes efficiently and effectively.   Enjoy the wonder of life and the wonder of living.  Embrace it.  Make it fantastic.   Live large on the inside and the outside.



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What is Next

Almost every day lately I awaken with the question on my mind of what will be next for me.  As a reader/narrator for audiobooks.  As just a person going about my day.  As a parent and grandparent.  What is next?

As for the voicing and recording part of my life, there is wondering about what type of project will I be taking on.   Naturally, some projects are simply fun to do and that is as clear as it gets.  Do these because they are fun.  Kids stories fall into this group and I need to get on the ball doing more.

Narrating something for our amazing Puget Sound and the life in and around it would be fantastic.  So, I shall look into this a bit closer.  There is a lot about the area and about the sea life that is not only interesting but important as well.   For example, the survival of the native Orca is a challenging issue that needs as much attention as possible.  The more the public understands the more can be done to save them.   This is another thing I need to look into more.

Well, that is some of what is on my mind today.  Make your day fabulous.



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Negativity is Negative

Positively not negative.  It really is hard to keep comments out of the negative gutter.  It’s all around us.  Everywhere we go and all the things we can listen to.  Make a choice to stay out of the useless  name calling and branding of people and the views they have.  Useless.

Vital and spirited debate is not out of bounds.  The sharing of ideas and the counter points that surely will come most certainly are a good thing.  This goes for social discussion on issues that are important to all of us.  So, be informed and be listening for new ideas that just may be nothing of consequence or life changing.

Recently I was told, after asking a simple question, to turn in my man card and called a snowflake.  Was that productive to the discussion?  Not on it’s first look.  Responding with an equal or stronger ugly word would be a waste of energy not moving anyone forward.  Where it was beneficial was in seeing how some people handle conversation.

We as a people are in need of knowledge.  Read.  Read fun things and read ideas that differ with your way of thinking.  Listen to audiobooks, of course, and read for the shear joy of it.  Read to gain wisdom.  An informed citizenry makes better choices in life.  Better choices in governing bodies.



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Just keep doing what you love.

So.  As the year ends and new adventures are sought the number of questions is as varied as ones imagination allows.  What is next?  What ideas are just not thought of yet?  What adventure in life is just around the corner?  No, these are not new questions at all, but each time they are asked they can be approached with new intent and new energy.  The energy from within.

Thanks to all that allowed me to read for your audiobooks this past year and past years.  Sure, there is room for improvement, but that does not make the work unworthy of listening to.  Working to take the art of narrating books up a notch is always part of the process.

There are certainly more adventures just around the corner.  Some in the recording booth and some not.  We all need to JUST KEEP DOING WHAT YOU LOVE.

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No need to tell you there is tension in the air.  TV, radio, blogs, podcasts and of course the family gathering.  It’s there in full strength nonsense.

A friend from years ago started a dialogue about how an issue should be handled and the rhetorical noise was disturbing if not surprising.  Off topic is not even close to describing what came from all corners.

What should we do about abc?

Well, it’s all because of xyz!

What bout abc?

Can’t stand lmnop?

What about abc and what should we do?

…and on and on and on…

All of this mess can be very disorienting.  Taking us off track of daily tasks and societal needs.  It can confuse us as far as our human purpose.  Our responsibility and loyalty can be tied up in a dialogue that is not helping or advancing us as a nation or as a people.  Or, as a person.

Research.  Study.  Talk.  Get wisdom.  Remember the teachings you cherish and what they truly mean.  Not just what they mean to you, but what they mean in totality.

Don’t let nonsense get in your way and don’t let toxic rhetoric taint you and your thinking.  You have a brain and a mind and a soul.

Keep going.


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Go Home Again

There is a good deal of pleasure that comes from looking at places I have traveled. Some are vacation locations or regular stomping grounds. Others are where a lot of time was spent at the microphone doing radio hosting or news reporting.
We hear people say “you can’t go home again” from time to time. Maybe there is a bit of truth in this. But, not completely. Visiting is fantastic. Even extended stays can be good. Or, just reminiscing about the days and times and events and people and, well, on and on.
While looking at a web page from a radio station where I spent a great deal of time there was an image of the control room and a coworker from way back then. KXRO and the guy we called “The D” to be specific. Like going home for a moment.
It’s different now. Recording from my home studio now. Files are sent via the web. I miss people and the face to face kind of interaction. This is what I do now and it is wonderful. But, a visit home is welcome from time to time.


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What is Important

I just have a terrible time with the social media interaction with political and social topics taking a great deal of my online time.

Without question, some issues are as far as I am concerned are truly important and should be addressed. But, when do I turn away and look the other direction? Well, not as long as there are problems that I believe need addressing.

Now, here is the thing that causes me trouble. Do my actions help at all? Maybe. So stick to it. Then I must remember that life is here to live and live it I shall. All of these worthy issues can be, well, a bummer. The joy of life is not to be tampered with. Watching the day come to life and seeing the sun go down is still fantastic.

Doing good for the sake of good. Taking pleasure in friends and family can’t be measured. Altruism should be a part of the way of being. Enjoying a tasty meal and good beverage are part of what makes daily activity wonderful.

Some of these good things are not available to all people. Now, here we go into the issues that keep me involved.

What is important? All of it.


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Do you have your ID?

All the time.  You get to know someone knew and here comes the question I think most of us ask.  “What do you do?”  With that little common question it is like we are showing our identification papers.  Not that there is any judging.  It’s just a way of getting to know a person better.  Maybe.

So, have you chosen your ID to be who you are?  Is it because without this title or label you don’t exist?  Hardly.  Suppose in the next moment your job or career goes away without warning.  This most certainly should not be a reason for you yourself to go away.

Yes, I am an audiobook narrator.  That is what I do.  It is indeed a part of who I am and, for me, that is a good thing.  I also make breakfast, fill the bird feeders, watch old reruns on TV, watch clouds as the float by, drink a lot of coffee and on and on it goes.

The things I do and the things I pursue are not who I am.  Go ahead and ask what I do.  That is fine.  In fact it’s good.  Keep in mind though these things are only a small part of my ID.



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